The Project

The Aid2Growth project investigates the transformation of European and East Asian development finance institutions (DFI) in a changing global arena where East Asia is on the rise and the importance of private flows is increasing.

While research on DFIs is a burgeoning field, Aid2Growth innovates by adopting an explicitly comparative perspective that couples European and East Asian agencies at a time when these actors are more important than ever. As traditional ODA instruments (grants and concessional loans) become less central to many (but not all) developing countries, blended finance and private sector engagement programmes, policies and projects replace them as central to development strategies. DFIs are the preferred agencies through which this agenda is enacted and pursued.

Aid2Growth provides knowledge on the organizational structures, processes and priorities of each agency selected for in-depth study. Furthemore, it provides a visually appealing dashboard with up-to-date statistics on DFI activity. The project aims to enhance DFI transparency through research and the portal you're now exploring is a major part of our activities.

Project deliverables include case studies on relevant European and East Asian DFIs and a Data Hub on DFI activity.

Learn about our methodology here. Find out more about the team here.

Aid2Growth is funded by FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia) through grant reference  PTDC/SOC-ANT/30651/2017 and is hosted by CEsA/ISEG - Centro de Estudos sobre África e Desenvolvimento, a member of the CSG/ISEG - Investigação em Ciências Sociais e Gestão research consortium.